PI Info

Mark is presently the Associate Vice-President (Research) and an associate professor in the computer science, biology and statistics & actuarial science departments at Western University, a PI at The Brain and Mind Institute and a University of Toronto Science Leadership Fellow.  Mark is also the Chair of the Board of Directors of Compute Ontario. Mark was formerly an assistant, and then adjunct, professor in the computer science department at the University of Saskatchewan.


When not working, Mark enjoys spending time with his family, writing and playing music, triathlon and road racing.

Mark also has a personal website.

Contact Information:
Mark Daley
Dept. of Computer Science
Middlesex College
University of Western Ontario
N6A 5B7
+1 519 661 2111 x. 87897
Office: MC 28D
Lab: WSC 112
mark.daley <at> uwo.ca



The Daley Lab at Western University