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CS 4482: I want to take this but don’t have the prereqs

First, sorry for sending you a link; I know it’s impersonal, but it seems like there is an army of people who want to take this course, sans prerequisites, this year. By having a single page, I can be sure that everyone gets exactly the same information.

4482 is a course on advanced rendering and physical simulation. The material is not trivial and to get the most out of the course, you need to have some background in place. Yes, you can pass the course without having much of the background, but who cares? The point of a course should be to learn cool stuff and if you don’t have the proper foundation, it makes learning stuff hard. Especially cool stuff. Besides, turning a class on cool stuff into something painful and unenjoyable makes kittens sad.

Please send me an email with the answers to the following questions:

  1. What courses have you taken on linear algebra?
  2. What courses have you taken on calculus?
  3. What physics, or engineering physics (statics and dynamics count), courses have you taken?
  4. What courses have you taken on computer architecture?
  5. What projects have you completed using OpenGL, DirectX or a comparable API?
  6. What projects have you completed in the C or C++ programming languages?
  7. Console or PC?

This next part is something the Dean’s office makes me do: Please also send me something, in your own words, that says the equivalent of “I understand I’m asking to take this course without the prerequisites, and that I absolutely cannot use the lack of prerequisites as the basis for an appeal of my grade in this course”.

All of that aside, I’m probably going to say ‘yes’, but I have to ask these questions to make sure that everyone has enough background to enjoy the course. I don’t want someone to end up in over their head, hating the course, and screwing up their transcripts/chance of graduating that year because I was too lazy to check their background.

I’ll check with our undergrad chair and get back to you as soon as I can. It may take a few days, so please be patient: it’s summer and research is consuming 137% of my time.

Please note: I don’t have access to the registrar’s computer system. All I can do is give you an email saying “I’m OK with you taking the course”. You then have to take that email to your academic counsellor and have them give you permission in the system. 

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